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Roxie Richter ([personal profile] the_ex_in_excessive) wrote2012-10-19 09:10 pm

Notes on Roxie falling off the "not being evil" wagon

Since I can either tag every comment to a post with like three lines detailing Roxie's current appearance or just make a post and link to it every time, I'm going to go with the latter.

So Roxie was brainwashed by Poison Ivy last week and is currently henching for her. And seeing as part of being an effective henchwoman is wearing a themed outfit to reflect your boss' aesthetic, she is presently attired as follows;

- This hoodie except with its sleeves removed, and only slightly zipped-up.
- This outfit underneath minus the fishnets and the bow in her hair. Instead there are ivy leaves in her hair, which is down.
- Green nail polish, because apparently when Roxie actually does her nails that's code for "Roxie's head has been fucked with somehow."
- A necklace and bracelets made of vines. The bracelets can suddenly turn into weapons if Roxie so wishes.
- Tall boots that appear to be made out of plants too (but are deceptively hard if she ever kicks you with them).

Also she will probably be trying to mimic Ivy's femme fatale physicality a little. I'll probably note when this is particularly distinct, but yeah. This will be a thing until, like... the end of October at the very latest. Maybe slightly before depending on what happens.

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