the_ex_in_excessive: (Facebook profile photo icon.)
Roxie Richter ([personal profile] the_ex_in_excessive) wrote2012-11-04 12:22 am

[backdated to November 1st]

[It's no longer October! Which means an end to boggarts, an end to sudden massive stomach wounds, aaaaaaaaaand an end to mind-altering status effects. That last one is important, because it meant that after laying waste to Poison Ivy's lab equipment in a fit of pure rage Roxie Richter spent the day mostly keeping to herself, listening to a lot of sorrowful country music, and vowing to never ever wear leaves again.

Oh, also, she sent an e-mail;


Please come to the same clearing where we talked that first time after stupid shit happened tonight. I swear to god this isn't another dumb thing and you'll actually like it this time.

... I really really really hope this isn't another dumb thing and you'll actually like it. Just give it a chance, okay? I am not going to talk about the beauty of nature or anything stupid like that, I swear.

~ Rox

And indeed, once night hits she's there, at that clearing with a large bag in tow, having started up a decent bonfire while she waits for her girlfriend to (hopefully??) show up.]

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