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Player Stats and History Meme

Kodachi Kuno from Ranma 1/2 ([ profile] getrhythmic)

App Percentage: 88.6%
Played From: 5/27/06 - present
That's How Long? Four years and very nearly seven months! God.
Total Comments: 14,206
Reason For Apping: So I found this roleplaying game on LJ and I was like "man, I'd love to play in this it looks so cool" and with the app window about a week and a half off my thought process was pretty much just "who can I write a good monologue for?" since getting in was the most important thing to me at the time. And Kodachi was that character because I loved both her and Ranma 1/2 for years and years. It helped that there was an amaaaazing Ranma at the time.
Select Option 3? Kodachi will probably never form a real, lasting relationship with anyone again unless, I dunno. Ranma shows up again? I AM ACTUALLY OKAY WITH THIS. If anything I think early social Kodachi was very ICly dubious and she liked too many people too easily. Also I'm starting to think she's on the road to becoming a supervillain or something :|a

Steven Hyde from That '70s Show ([ profile] deadbeatgoeson)

App Percentage: 75.4%
Played From: 7/11/06 - ... I dunno. January this year?
That's How Long? Three and a half years.
Total Comments: 3,066
Reason For Apping: I wanted a character I could be snarky with and make pop culture references with, and suddenly I remembered that on rewatching That '70s Show Hyde had become my favorite out of nowhere (when I was like... eleven and watching it for the first time I liked Fez and Jackie best). So I apped him.
Reason For Dropping: Hyde had sort of trucked along as my super-backburner, the character who had a very specific function: show up, be sarcastic at something, get out with no silly emotional attachments/ongoing plots/what-have-you. Buuuut I had sort of run out of steam on even that and I realized I was keeping him around just to keep him around, and so I finally let him go.
Select Option 3? For a long time I thought Hyde had the record for longest time in camp without making a single post with his three years and seven months, but now I'm pretty sure Cornelia is on the verge of breaking it. Curses!

Stacy Rowe from Daria ([ profile] ifuwant2bloved)

App Percentage: 80.5%
Played From: 10/8/06 - I think October this year.
That's How Long? A few days away from four years.
Total Comments: 4,179
Reason For Apping: Kodachi and Hyde were both characters who weren't actually nice people and goddamn it I wanted a friendly, social character. Stacy was the first app that really made me freak out and obsess over getting it right (a trend that followed big-time with Hidan, Ty Lee, and to a lesser extent Roxie).
Reason For Dropping: Okay, so basically the first half of the year re: Stacy was like "okay the complete series of Daria is coming out this summer and then I'll be able to redo all my terrible 2006 Youtube icons with weird size decisions and I'll be super-revved up to play Stacy again!" And it was released! And it's still a great series and Stacy is a wonderful character but the truth is there was nothing left for me to do with her in camp.
Select Option 3? Stacy's first... six to seven months is very possibly my favorite stretch of playing any character I've played in CFUD. It was just really shockingly fun to play. She formed a new Fashion Club, hung out with Spider-Man, had dumb crushes on people and was in an environment where she basically got to do her character arc from the final season of the show in an entirely different way. Good times!

Hidan from Naruto ([ profile] feelsyourpain)

App Percentage: 77.8%
Played From: 1/1/06 - sometime in July last year
That's How Long? Two and a half years.
Total Comments: 3,196
Reason For Apping: I thought he was an incredibly awesome character, I thought CFUD's Naruto cast was so cool and I really wanted to play a character in one of the game's bigger casts (Ranma 1/2 had four to five characters, the other two were lone canon warriors basically forever). Also he was going to be my primary big fight thread character.
Reason For Dropping: The voice was gone, pretty much. Even when there were posts where I knew I could play Hidan I just didn't want to anymore. The fact that I was bored to tears with canon at that point in time probably didn't help.
Select Option 3? I still fondly remember the original Pimp Cabin lineup for being so gloriously weird (Greed! Hidan! Tyki! Hannibal Lecter! ...Maya Fey?). And Hidan being an absolute dick to basically every other member of the Naruto cast (with the exception of Kidoumaru, whom he got along with all too well), especially Itachi. Sometimes I really want to reapp him but I think Roxie comes close enough to filling that niche.

Takashi Kamiyama from Cromartie High School ([ profile] justicesquared)

App Percentage: 98%!
Played From: 8/20/07 - ... god. Sometime in the spring the following year?
That's How Long? About eight months.
Total Comments: 685
Reason For Apping: I just thought his canon was hysterical and he'd be hysterical in CFUD and I felt like writing an app one day, so I apped him.
Reason For Dropping: As it turns out I'm not so good at playing crack characters! Like, sometimes I had funny ideas for Kamiyama but more often than not I was just like "oh god what am I doing WHY AM I NOT WACKY ENOUGH." His canon is still the best canon with the best anime dub ever. You should watch it.
Select Option 3? I honestly loved having the Freddie pet account more than having Kamiyama because holy shit I sort of played Freddie Mercury in CFUD. Also I wrote his app in like. Half an hour and it remains probably my favorite app I've ever written.

Ty Lee from Avatar: the Last Airbender ([ profile] head_overheels)

App Percentage: 100%!
Played From: 11/4/07 - present
That's How Long? Three years and a little under two months.
Total Comments: 13,797
Reason For Apping: I'd sort of flirted with apping Ty Lee for a couple months because CFUD's awesome Avacast inspired me to watch the series and I fell in love with her pretty quick. But it was still just a hypothetical until Zuko apped (which made me realized I needed to hop to it because I just had this feeling that a bunch of people were going to app into ATLA really quick) and The Beach aired and turned Ty Lee into a real, fully-developed character in her own right. So I apped her and she became my new primary in short order.
Select Option 3? Buuut she's not quite that anymore? I love Ty Lee and love threading with her but she's mostly there now when I want to play a character that isn't a huge bitch because oh god my other two characters are Kodachi Kuno and Roxie Richter. If Azula ever dropped Ty Lee would go with her because she's too codependant to go it alone. But whatever, I still feel very comfortable with her and could essay about her for days, man.

Roxie Richter from Scott Pilgrim ([ profile] lesbeserious)

App Percentage: 93.7
Played From: 8/22/10 - present
That's How Long? Just over four months.
Total Comments: 1,684
Reason For Apping: It'd been over two and a half years since apping Ty Lee and I seriously thought I was never going to have that "holy shit I want to play them in CFUD" reaction to a character again. And then some time in the wake of seeing the Scott Pilgrim movie and rereading the volume that Roxie appeared in I realized that I really wanted to play her in camp. And then Azula and I basically talked each other into apping Ramona and Roxie and there we are.
Select Option 3? I need to work on figuring out how she, uh. Socializes with people. Because she's a really really standoffish and socially inept character and THERE HAS TO BE WAYS AROUND THAT. ... also at some point she should. Probably finally learn that Scott Pilgrim is actually in camp too and has been the whole time. Eesh.

I've played here HOW long? 1,673 days.
Overall Comment Count: 40,813
Average Comments Per Day: 24.5
Shortest Kept: Roxie thusfar
Longest Kept: Kodachi
Most Played: Kodachi (14,206)
Least Played: Kamiyama (685)
Highest Percentage: Ty Lee (100%)
Lowest Percentage: Hyde (75.4%)
Number of successful apps:7/7
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