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Roxie Richter ([personal profile] the_ex_in_excessive) wrote2011-01-20 02:33 am

Prepare to Die, Obviously (AU shit)

Kodachi I don't think I'm doing anything with for this.

Ty Lee will not be affected so she can properly be completely baffled by everyone else because I enjoy when everything has gone completely insane around her.

Roxie Richter though, will be AU'd into Roxy Richter once I get the icons done. Or, in other words, she's going to be played from movie canon instead of comic canon.

1. She looks different! Like, I don't know if physically there's a difference beyond the way she wears her hair (by which I mean, like, if you play a live action character and they see comic/cartoon characters in live action then you've probably been seeing Mae Whitman anyway since I think that really was a dead-on perfect casting choice, while on the flipside comic characters might just see her looking physically the same with a new outfit), but her style of dress is fairly different aside from the fact that both in the comic and the movie Roxie is really really fond of hoods.
2. Her weapon of choice is different! In the comic she uses a sword, in the movie she uses... uh. It's a metal belt that she wields like a whip which is sharp and spiky as fuck. Basically. I SUCK AT DESCRIBING THINGS so her big fight scene's here so you can see it in action. It is a really, really cool weapon (and the video game meets in the middle by giving her a whip-sword which is the most awesome).
3. She's even more of a bitch! Like, where in the comic she has an inner core of awkwardness and fluffy animals, Roxy really shows no signs of this whatsoever beyond being a little hurt when Ramona claims their relationship meant nothing (she also turns into coins when she dies as opposed to adorable woodland creatures and I am somehow taking that to mean that she's more evil than she was in the comics. IT'S A PROCESS) and, well, having the same awkward reaction to her threats aimed at Scott failing to land at all.
4. RIGHT AS FOR RAMONA; Roxy hates her! Like, more than she usually hates her. It's... pretty plain as day. In the comic she actually seems to hold back quite a bit when fighting her (up until the moment Ramona says something that hits her insecurity issues too hard). In the movie she uses decidedly harsher language, shows none of the good terms she and Ramona were on in comic canon, and seems to be making a much more serious effort at killing her.
5. ... honestly I will probably try to play her gloriously bad one-liners (which is a thing both in the comics and the movie) more if I can manage it because the fight dialogue in the movie overall is generally even more "wait what did they just say"-inducing than the comic. And this is a comic with lines like "Yeah, I had a sword hidden in my lead singer's dress in case of an emergency! THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF GUY I AM!"
6. Also there's this thing with the back of her knees and FUCK YOU NOBODY'S TOUCHING THEM >/

god I have no idea if I can pull this off but it doesn't hurt to try!