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Roxie Richter ([personal profile] the_ex_in_excessive) wrote2011-03-02 12:53 am

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OKAY SO Roxie's counselees (Ash, Amano, John Egbert, Tsukihiko)! First of all I'm so sorry, the odds of Roxie being useful and helpful are so slim. It will be an adventure in bad counseling. Aaaanyway I'm PST, usually free from the mid to late afternoon onwards, and I am going to try to be in IRC more than I've been for the last couple months so I'm more acccessible than... well, usually.

ALSO I am probably going to be posting this week, sometime in the evening! Not sure which day yet but that is totally a thing. Anyway feel free to use this post for planning/schedules/etc.!
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[personal profile] unbalancedscales 2011-03-07 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
S'UP ALL GOOD I'll be tagging around whenever and if I see you ouuuut I will jump it.

Even if I totally missed it until now.