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Roxie hit 3K recently so why not?

It goes LIKE SO. You comment here and ASK A QUESTION. It can be anything - OOC, IC, relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. my character's opinion of your character, or maybe some specific behaviour you've been wondering about, or general thoughts on my characters or canons, my favourite colour or variety of ice cream, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

I play Kodachi Kuno, Ty Lee and Roxie Richter and formerly played Steven Hyde, Stacy Rowe, Hidan, and Takashi Kamiyama. Ask me whatever!

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Relationship/first impression on Cat for Ty Lee and Roxie?

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Ty Lee really likes Cat! Incredibly pink aura, good positive attitude and really friendly, which are all top qualities in her book. She also acknowledges that Cat is pretty out there (which is probably saying something because it's Ty Lee) but that's not exactly something she considers a big deal at all. At some point I need to play her in a music thread because she would love Cat's song choices so much.

As for Roxie it's... Roxie would classify it as "hate" but it's not legitimate hate, because Roxie would say she hates most people she meets. It's just very "augh this girl is dumb augh her taste in music sucks augh how does none of this land with her what planet is she from?" But, I mean, at the same time Roxie has never actually gone that extra mile when it comes to being a bitch at her because why bother? She's just a dumb teenager, being anything more than sarcastic and dismissive is dumb. So probably most of their interactions will follow that basic template of Roxie being sarcastic and semi-insulting without getting vicious about it, because that's how she rolls.

Same question for you re: relationship stuff!

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I'm only two days late it's still good!

I always feel really bad with these because I don't have a lot to write...Cat...likes them both! CAT LIKES EVERYONE UNLESS THEY ARE OPENLY HOSTILE OR CALL HER A BAD SINGER. She definitely wants to hang with Ty Lee more often. She probably wouldn't seek Roxie out, but if she sees her around she'll definitely say hi.

Who do your characters want to see show up in Camp the most and also the least.

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Better late than never!

Most: Ranma so she can try to kick his ass for leaving the first time and then try to molest him because it's still Ranma
Least: Shampoo because while it would mean one of the competition is stuck here too, she's just a stupid savage anyway and it's not worth dealing with her :/

Ty Lee
Most: Mai, no question, because it's Mai.
Least: Fire Lord Ozai because augh no she'd rather not find out how that would affect Azula. Her mom coming too would also suck.

Most: Lucas Lee! Sort of born out of threading with one on D_M a couple times and them getting along pretty well.
Least: Gideon Graves! Because that would fuck her relationship with Ramona up a ton.

If you had to pick one video to sell people on your canon with, what would it be?

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Cat and Trina rap (

What's your favorite thing about playing your characters?

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Okay, that "frrrrrrreeeeeeeeze" in the video was golden and I forgot to mention it, so editing that in now.

Kodachi: ... honestly I like having a character I don't feel bad about putting into terrible situations. Ty Lee's too nice and Roxie is always just perpetually miserable. Plus Kodachi's been around forever and that's sort of both a blessing and a curse but when I get the right situation to play her in where that longevity is an asset, it's awesome.

Ty Lee: Terrible logic and getting to say things like seriously wanting "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child to be the new Fire Nation national anthem. Plus underneath the positivity and ditziness she's a badass. Best of both worlds.

Roxie: I always, always, always need a sarcastic character. This was a huge hole in my lineup for like... the better part of last year after I dropped Hyde. Plus while she doesn't really... make lasting relationships easy because she hates and dismisses 90% of the people she meets, the couple of ones she does have I really love.

What character would you most like to app but know you never will?
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Anastasia Romanov from Shadow Hearts: Covenant. She's one of those characters that I want to app because I have a killer punchline for the app*, but that I don't think I'd be able to keep up in camp.

* "How odd, in Russia, the exact opposite happens."


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That is a good question that I don't have a good answer for! Like, really, I'm not all that sure how to properly articulate what my pings are in terms of what shows I like. I will say, though, that Zuko sold me on Baccano! last month by telling me that it was like if Quentin Tarantino did an anime series, buuuut... okay, let me try and throw a couple together;

Witty dialogue/one liners, strong supporting or ensemble casts, quirky characters who are also really badass, clever pop culture references...

So basically I just described Tarantino films, One Piece, and/or Community there. THOSE ARE GOOD REFERENCE POINTS. I am also just a sucker for high-end dramas like Mad Men, which I guess fits into the dialogue and ensemble cast pings.

Is there anyone in camp Cat actually hates or strongly dislikes?

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...may i introduce you to my canon XD (Especially ( Jade ( West (

There is not! She didn't...really get on well with Jennifer (JENNIFER BOOED WHEN CAT SANG), but there was only one or two short threads that I can remember so Cat probably doesn't even remember her, let alone actually dislike her.

...since I guess I just did it to you: who should I app from your canons? XD

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This is a good question and I want to answer it, which is why I'm going to ask a preemptive question first; your character pings/character types, what are they?

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Hm. I am pretty eclectic, really. I like characters with strong personalities. Humor is a plus. I tend to stay away from villains.

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... had this tab open for like a day and did nothing with it, oh god.

Ranma 1/2: ... okay can I just say "half the cast?" Strong personalities + humor sort of describes the ensemble on Ranma 1/2 perfectly.

Avatar: Sokka. Sokka, Sokka, Sokka. No contest.

Scott Pilgrim: Wallace Wells or Kim Pine. Probably the former? Matthew Patel would be an app where you'd have to expand on the character and he is technically a villain (just an incredibly fail-y one), but he definitely fits the criterion otherwise.

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TRIVIA TIME: I tried apping from Avatar once! My very first app ever was an Azula app...I got like, two in votes.

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Hahaha, I had actually initially wanted to app Azula too when I was getting into Avatar. I'm so glad I didn't, there's no way I could play her even nearly as good as Ramona does.
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Roxie on Santana?

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Okay this took forever but that's I ramble.

One-Sentence Summary in Obscure Reference Form: If Roxie's opinion on Santana were an Art Brut album it would be It's a Bit Complicated.

The Longer, Ramblier Version: Roxie is actively aware that she doesn't hate Santana. That's more impressive than it sounds because if you asked her her opinion on most people she would probably state her contempt for them in no uncertain terms because she's a social butterfly like that.

There are a lot of factors that go into that but at this point I think the main thing is just that even if a lot of what Santana does irritates the hell out of her, she feels like she gets where it comes from because once upon a time Roxie too was a bitchy closeted teenage girl who was quick to attack people. Just... with fists instead of with words, usually. So in spite of the billion things they don't have in common, there's something there that makes Roxie want to talk to her. In spite of saying they're exactly alike, Roxie's perspective on Jennifer vs. Santana has sort of become that Jennifer is the one she actually sort of likes but Santana is the one she relates to in what she considers a really dumb frustrating way. And that's probably just mostly born out of the contexts of how those two relationships have developed over time, but yeah.

Part of what makes Santana's personality easier to deal with is, of course, the fact that Roxie knows that ultimately Santana talks a good game but can't really do shit to her beyond that. And usually that's enough, but Roxie is self-loathing and short-tempered enough that occasionally she feels like she needs to reassert the fact that no, she could be a dangerous person if she wanted to be. Especially after the whole "cuddly teddy bear" thing, which... even if Roxie is deep down a much more considerate person than she acts, hearing something like that translates to "I don't take you seriously" which sets off her inferiority complex and need to overcompensate by being more dismissive and bitchy hard. And also just the fake punching, which... yeah. As I said earlier, Roxie likes solving her problems by punching them in the face or threatening to. She'd never actually go through with hitting Santana unless she did something waaaaaay over the line because wtf that would be stupid, she's just a dumb kid and that's not going to make anything better, but it makes Roxie feel better if there's that undertone of "if you push it too hard I could lose my patience, dammit."

(Also she likes "You Oughtta Know" more than she claimed but No Doubt will always be Roxie's favorite mid-'90s breakout act.)

Okay, switching something much less prone to essaying/rambling; Santana's top five musical artists that aren't Alanis, name them.
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How is Roxie getting along in her new duties as pet owner/caregiver to Binky*?

* - name that shall be used until Roxie is ICly forced to name it so she can call it something less dumb

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Fine-ish! She just sort of coexists with it in a "yeah okay fine you probably need food and water so here you do now stop being such a spaz, god" way. She's read a couple of websites about it but a lot of it is just good instincts that she kind of hates having because DAMMIT THIS MEANS NOTHING AUGH

So does Ramona know what mistletoe is yet and what are the odds of her having figured it out by July at this rate?
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No, she doesn't, and, no, not likely unless someone she usually talks to brings it up randomly. Scott won't's Scott. Most of her friends are kind of jerks that hide stuff (it's how they get along), or genuinely inattentive. Plus, she still chalks up that one time to just being particularly weak/dumb/gg Ramona Flowers and isn't looking for conspiracies like some people., really, what's his name then. Or five headcanon things I should know in playing Ramona off you, whichever.

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I don't know what his name is. It depends on who

1. Roxie grew up with at least a few pet dogs at any given time, because I think her dad was the kind of guy who liked to own a bunch of dogs (preferably large ones or hunting dogs) just because. If she hadn't she probably wouldn't be partial to dogs but because she did she thinks of them as her ideal pets.
2. Some Non-Country Artists Roxie Was Listening To in College: Neutral Milk Hotel, Sigur Ros, Rilo Kiley, Blondie, The Velvet Underground (and post-Velvet Underground Lou Reed and John Cale stuff), The Vaselines, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney, that dog., Talking Heads, Cibo Matto, Radiohead, The Replacements, The Breeders, Lush, and Devo. Also some hip-hop but only when she was making art.
3. Fond of her dad in what she considers an awkward lame way that she tries to hide. I think he's in real estate. Hates/fears/cannot stand up to her mother in person.
4. Feels uncomfortable wearing skirts or especially dresses. Feels even more uncomfortable any time she's supposed to dress fancy.
5. The more I think about it the more I think she doesn't watch TV often. Definitely not in college but I think probably not in general. Maybe MTV2 during the weird hours where they'd show semi-okay music videos, maybe reruns of very old shows at insane hours when she has absolutely nothing better to do. At best in terms of more contemporary stuff, I could see certain HBO and AMC shows being possibilities but in college those weren't even a factor. I will totally contradict this without realizing someday, though.

Same deal to you!
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1. Ramona had her hair short when she went to college. It was the first time she did the whole "I'm cutting my hair as symbolic for breaking ties" thing but it was less about Todd and more about sort of reminding herself she could be less of a bitch than she was in high school. She started growing it out once they started dating seriously and cut it again once they broke up.
2. She worked part-time to pay for college! First at a copy store and then doubled jobs at one of the grocer/convenience stores. By the time junior year came she was working more hours at her job than studying and took that as a sign that things weren't working out.
3. Remained Undecided officially but changed majors like her hair. Some potential ones she flirted with: Marine Biology, Film, Pan-Pacific Anthropology, Comparative Literature of the 1900's, Bowling Industry Management, Journalism, Women's Studies, Music Therapy, Viking History (she never mentioned this one to Roxie for obvious reasons), Subliminal Psychology
4. Didn't mention her family much, and didn't seem to visit during the holiday breaks. In fact, her first Thanksgiving was spent getting drunk with the international students and she liked the arrangement just fine. At most, mentioned her parents were separated. Vaguely. She called her dad to wish him happy birthday/father's day, so Roxie would know they at least talk.
5. Claims her favorite movies are the detective noir ones, like The Maltese Falcon, or Hitchcock stuff because it's thrilling. Really, she loves those but almost any movie where there's a large scale deception going on with all the characters some level of messed up, like Rear Window and Matchstick Men. She likes watching bad movies with people but mostly as something to lighten the mood or a prelude for making out. Those and most action/sci-fi films are her "social" watching, she doesn't really go out of her way to watch them on her own.

I don't know what his name is. It depends on who

...on who what? I just want to know what you call your bunny! STOP MESSING WITH MY MIND!!1! /Troy-imitation

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Has anything changed with Azula's routine lately? WHY DON'T YOU TRY NEW FUN THINGS

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...well why didn't you just say so. :/

Azula is actually even more antisocial, so it's just training, studying, training some more, MEDITATING ALOOOOOOOOONE...that stuff. Mostly because the system of contacts she developed have all pretty much gone home and the ones left, like Thor and Lelouch, aren't people she cares to continue engaging in because she's gotten her information from them and they suck on a personal level. The Avatar is gone, she can't kill her brother permanently, every attempt at working the system blew up in her face. She's...frustrated, angry and mostly just wants to leave to get back to Important Things. If Ty Lee weren't here she'd probably be devoting 100% of her efforts to escape and be so much crazier. So, so much crazier.

So basically I'm thinking I should let her go in the next few months because I love her, and she's awesome, and I don't really want to since FINALE SOB SOB, but I'm mostly threading her with Ty Lee or other random crack stuff and, camp being a giant cockblock of plot, her overarching badassery has come to an end. Which is very important to playing Azula. But not before I do all the other shameless self-indulgent things I want to do with her. Because I still have fun playing her! Ty Lee needs to top feelings into her before all that terrible stuff happens and I cry forever.

So I guess I should ask is WHAT FUN THINGS DOES TY LEE WANT AZULA TO DO WITH HER AND ARE YOU DOWN WITH THAT I'm sorry she'sjustreallyhighmaintenenceandinsane ._________.

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It was 2am :/

It's okay, I completely understand ♥ Like, I am super-bummed about it and wish there were some way around it but your character is incredibly high-maintenance and mine... is Ty Lee. While I feel like she could be more social than I play her I can backburner her easy. There's a difference! Also if Azula drops Ty Lee will too because she would have been sustainable without Azula in like... 2008 or early 2009 when she had a big support network but those people are basically all gone now. I really want to play her off of certain characters more but not having Azula would be the Misa situation except 1000% worse.

And I don't have a good answer for that question because "top feelings into her" sort of sums it up! So better question for you is what self-indulgent stuff do you want to do?
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Oh well fine if it's because I kept you up to the point of being incoherent then, it's my bad. I guess... (♥)

The lack of support network staying is pretty much the major problem I have. All the current CR she has is people she tolerates personally, but not strategically worthwhile. But she's definitely not going until July, I swear! And I think mellowing out her priorities would make it easier to play if there's a balance but yeah I don't want to get your hopes up. I WILL KEEP TRYING and at least July means mistletoe and Azula's long standing nemesis Santa Claus so it's not as if I'm bereft of things to want to play with her. I just don't think I can keep her crazy in check without focus. And it's not as if I'm not OOCly fine with Ty Lee accidentally dragging Azula somewhere else after camp! Azula would just never agree to it ever over her dead body ICly.

And uhhhh...I seriously wouldn't know. Something Ty Lee can make some token excuse about being important or relevant to Real Duties in the Fire Nation. Maybe how training kittens is like komodo rhinos or something. Something Azula wouldn't immediately shoot down. Ty Lee does have more influence now that she's the one thing keeping Azula sane the only person Azula really prefers the company of. Maybe even little things like "hey do you miss Mai, I miss Mai, talk about your stupid feelings please :/" or something. Since Azula has been avoiding that neatly...and everything relating to that whole incident. part of me also just thinks making camp do status effects, while hilarious, is cheap and should be used sparingly lest she flip tables, but the other part says I have icons and it's for fun so ehhhh

No really I have no ideas. :| What kind of feelings do you want her topped into besides the standard "stop being a sociopath" ones?

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Man I can't believe we've never really threaded about the Mai thing. YOU ARE GETTING A HEART-TO-HEART WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT

I think first and foremost just having fun in the way actual normal human beings have fun, or coming as close to it as possible. Training kittens is a thing though Ty Lee deep down thinks Azula needs a dog but at the same time there's no way she can pull getting another pet off. You need more compassion for adorable living things, dammit. This is a thing!

So tell me fun things to do that Azula could be topped into doing! I need to know where the boundaries lie, dammit.

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Well they sort of did but then it got sidelined by that love confessing thing and Azula capitalized the hell out of Ty Lee's susceptible nature for making out over talking about stuff. Then Azula never talked about it again because, um, everything in there involved feelings and relationships and the possibility of Ty Lee crying if/when she said something heinous. Honestly, that probably terrified her the most in camp. Like, at least facing death was something she had some comprehension of what was going on. Ty Lee going "I'm in love with you"--camp effect or no--on top of Mai leaving so she couldn't mitigate the trainwreck resulted in outright brain flatline horror-striken panic. And then their next thread was back to normal so Azula was mentally "YES, I DON'T HAVE TO DISCUSS THIS, SHE ISN'T ASKING QUESTIONS AND IS BACK TO NORMAL, NEVER HAVE I BEEN MORE RELIEVED SHE'S AN ETERNALLY OPTIMISTIC DITZ!!1!" you can see how amenable Azula is to heart-to-hearts with regards to anything. But she'd be more okay with talking about Mai as an alternative to talking about Mai + everything else that happened.

But, yes, normal fun things! Well, she's accepted Ty Lee's personal forms of entertainment so she could be easily persuaded into something like "oh watch this movie with me" or listening to her music. Getting her to like it/appreciate it is something entirely different. As for pets and compassion for animals, Azula isn't really a dog person anyway since that's apparently Zuko's spirit animal pet and she really probably needs something sturdier and a dragon. But she tolerates Ty Lee's cats since they haven't defied her yet or whatever. She's not easily given to wanting to kick them anyway.

Competition things like maybe carnival games. Sports. Get Azula into a win mode and she obviously will give 100% into that. She's still of the opinion that dancing is worthless and frowned upon so maybe not specifically that unless she's in an amazingly charitable mood. Ta...lking to people? Depending on the person, beyond "hey he's a cutie" or if she sees something denoting power/status. She's actually bothered with cooking because it sort of counts as survival even if princesses never need to know. She's also not adverse to making out with Ty Lee because, hey, Ty Lee is an experienced kisser and she doesn't hate it but is kind of "...but what reason?" about the whole thing. Except for being used as a distraction tactic, that she gets. I wish she could try singing but that's probably worse than dancing in her eyes, so not likely. But hey sparring is fun! Truth and lie games are fun. So is tormenting enemies of the Fire Nation! ...we can always do the old standby favorites.

Boundaries are basically whatever Ty Lee can make a reasonable excuse for being practical or is deeply invested in enough that Azula capitulates instead of makes her cry. And flattery, loads and loads of flattery to soften the blow to her ego.

So, speaking of topping. If Roxie and Ty Lee were stuck in a room together, what would they talk about and how badly would Ty Lee top Roxie?

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(Pretty decently. It's sort of like a cross between Sakura and Cat; she's too nice and sweet and unthreatening and dumb to not put up with a lot. Like, that kind of relentless cheer and enthusiasm would annoy the hell out of her, but it would be like kicking a puppy. Roxie can't actually kick puppies, she just glares ineffectually at them.)