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So Roxie hit 4,000 comments sometime within the last couple weeks (which is I think the fastest any of my characters have gotten there aside from Kodachi and Ty Lee)! And... well, I played my other two in the last calendar week! Clearly this calls for the question meme.

ASK A QUESTION, it can be anything CFUD related. OOC, IC, relationship/first impressions, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character (relationships and whatnot) or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons, Hot or Not, You Should Jump Me, App My Canon, whatever you want to ask for. WHEN I REPLY, I will also ask you a question in turn!

I'm going to be bored at work today, let's do a thing :|b
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Okay uh let's see what's changed from last time I did one... I think mostly just frustration? Because like basically any time it seems like some minuscule amount of progress is made it stalls out because Roxie and/or Santana are dumb (usually probably both). Like, especially with the last conversation where from Roxie's perspective it was pretty much "okay you're trying to do something decent but you're doing it in the stupidest possible way with no actual perspective and you're getting mad at me for not going 'oh, you're right, I guess I should just move my entire massive art studio because you say so' augh what the fuck."

And of course, Roxie's stubborn and stupidly deadset on not making concessions/backing down ever so she's really not helping. Like, she wants to get to somewhere less dumb with Santana but she's... sort of unwilling to make any changes on her part to better facilitate it even if she's aware she's not exactly the easiest person to talk to.

Santana on Roxie?

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ahahahaha UH WELL. Roxie's thought process goes something like this; Stephen Stills is a friend and bandmate of Scott Pilgrim so he loses points for that. But he's nowhere near as stupid as Scott Pilgrim so he gains points for that. But he's still kind of stupid and doesn't follow instructions so he loses points for that. He's also a gigantic pussy so he loses a ton of points for that. END RESULT: -4245 points, rates above Scott Pilgrim but hypothetically below Kim Pine and Wallace Wells on the Scott Pilgrim and his Precious Little Friends scale.

... I mean, really, Roxie doesn't really think of Stephen Stills enough to have anything resembling real thoughts about him as a person other than "man I dislike that guy, what a pussy, Toronto sucks." SORRY STEPHEN STILLS :(


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HE'S SO SCARED, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Every time he sees her, he wants to put his hands over his crotch. Also Ramona told him about Roxie making out with underage vampire girls so now he's kind of all WHAAAAAAT.


would Roxie help Stephen Stills with homo lessons

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No :/

Maybe if Ramona topped her into it really hard. But even still she wouldn't exactly try hard.

... sob, what else has Ramona told Stephen Stills about Roxie.

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Uh.. "She's a half-ninja and probably won't cut off your balls."

How much does Roxie know about Stephen Stills' horrible camp adventures?

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Barely anything! There was that post a while back by Terezi and Ramona told Roxie about the stuff surounding the not!apocalypse, but I can't really remember anything else coming up. Roxie is... not really that interested in that stuff and doesn't really talk to any of the people involved in said camp adventures so it's never really been a huge area of interest for her.

Top five things you want out of One Piece post-Fishman Island arc?

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1. SOME CREW DOWNTIME. They keep getting split up or whatever, and I just want to see their old dynamic. Or see how it's changed. BASICALLY LET'S HAVE SOME DUMB HIJINKS.

2. MORE FIGHTING. I'm desperately hoping boatmom has some attacks that aren't terrifying. Hollowmom haunts me to this very day.

3. More boatmom in general would be great. I wanna know what she was doinggg hnnngh. DID SHE BANG DRAGON?! IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.

4. Some group huggin's for Luffy. ;^;


Same question for you!

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... honestly mine boils mostly down to characters I want to see more of, because a lot of my impatience with the current arc is that I'm not really invested in any of the characters introduced and I just want to get back to the eight billion characters I love.

1. The Eleven Supernovas! You can't leave, like... the vast majority of them on weird cliffhangers and then make me wait forever to see them again (ASSUMING THEY ALL COME BACK). IN PARTICULAR I want to see Capone Gang Bege again because I'm all like "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" (and also I want to see if he comes back with some super-cool timeskip outfit I can make for SakuraCon so I can just be lazy and make Capone my project for that for a third year running).

2/3. Shichibukai and/or Buggy the Clown! He has to have joined up with them, right? That has to be what the deal is there, right? And even with that, I'm assuming in all that downtime they'll have added members to fill up the other... two spots available, I'm assuming there are? I don't want this to be like Akatsuki in Naruto where they just get complacent and don't add dudes.

4. Whitebeard's gigantic crew! Particularly Jozu and Vista, I don't really care for Marco so much.

5. BAROQUE WORKS. It'll probably just be Crocodile, Mr. 1, and Mr. 3 appearing any time soon but I can hold out hope for all the other awesome members showing up in some limited capacity.

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So how much would you hate me if I did, in fact, encourage you to give Stephen Stills homo lessons?

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A LOT. That's stupid and like I can fucking give lessons on fucking being gay what the fuck is that even about :/

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It's not being gay okay it's about relationships and that's your counselor job, so theoretically you could attempt to maybe try it. Homo can also mean same, you both make terrible decisions. BONDING!

...I FORGOT WHAT EXACTLY WHAT WAS SAID ICLY but I'm pretty sure it was just during a list of crazy people to avoid, because Stephen Stills attracts sadists, and Ramona pointed her out then somehow it got on the track that she only ate men which is why Roxie is safe to make hang out with her. It wasn't like I was divulging any personal secrets Miss PDA-in-plain-sight-with-an-underaged-vampire-thing.