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ASK A QUESTION, it can be anything CFUD related. OOC, IC, relationship/first impressions, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character (relationships and whatnot) or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons, Hot or Not, You Should Jump Me, App My Canon, whatever you want to ask for. WHEN I REPLY, I will also ask you a question in turn! (If I remember to ask you one!)

I play Roxie Richter and Ty Lee. Let's do this thing! Help me get through work today!
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IN THE WAKE OF VERY IMPORTANT INTERACTIONS--uh, really, what are Roxie's favorite game shows?
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Likewise, Ramona doesn't watch a lot of television shows. And doesn't aim for crappy ones because it's different from movies, okay! Mostly she picks up stuff she'd hear at her work, like Project Runway results or Simpsons references. Iiiiii am going to say Gideon introduced her to good stuff like Mad Men and Life on Mars, which she enjoyed but promptly dropped out of association.

I think she'd watch a lot of stuff that shows up in camp, probably. Like Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Fringe, etc. but she doesn't because hey potential interaction so instead I might say she watches something like "Bad Medicine" which is an Oni comic optioned for a TV show, because if it got made Ramona would be alllllll over that and it's not as if Scott Pilgrim doesn't love Oni references. She'd also love Community because hilarious jokes and terrible people.

idk I think I'll say the shows she bothers remembering to watch that are currently on are Castle (because Nathan Fillion acting like himself, yes) and Ringer (because lying! mysteries! even if it's kind of boring), rather than the billion reality TV shows or procedural dramas like Law & Order, which she would only watch for background noise. They're not amazing but they're entertaining and it breaks up the X-Files or Buffy marathons slightly. ...but if anyone asks she'd probably say Downtown Abbey because look I can be classy!

How is the Roxie + feelings combination doing?
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I HAVE NO IDEA it's probably more of a stuff happening thing than a time happening thing because ha ha hahaha major relationships seeing the stuff inside her head and the responses were pity, aversion, and disgust! And the worst part was both Roy and Dante had this misguided "I want to save you/this person from here" talk and Ramona knows they mean well but she is also the awful stuff they want to exterminate and/or get away from. So basically she's on autopilot, loathes herself, and only wants to be around people who don't give a single crap about her. Prrrrrrrrobably a while. I think she just needs one of them salvaged in a "look, talking makes things better and I don't hate you" way to make her less likely to avoid Roxie because right now any conversation they had would essentially boil down to "no, please continue avoiding me forever, I insist."