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I'm sort of feeling like doing a questions meme right now! No real commenting landmark for it or anything, it's just been a long time since I've done a meme of any sort. Ask a question of some sort (from relationship meme to something more esoteric), at which point I will answer and ask a question of some sort! (Unless I forget to.) And so on.

My characters are presently Roxie Richter and Ty Lee.
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Do you like me y/n/maybe?
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It is not it's just a smiling icon :|

Oh Ramona haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates it. And is deeply unsettled by the whole thing, far more than she's willing to let on.

While she knew that conflict would inevitably come up, she hoped that it would be later rather than sooner so she and Roxie could sort of...hammer things out in their relationship. Because as it is right now it still feels pretty unsettled. She feels pretty unsettled because she always changes/adjusts to her relationships and she's trying to work her way through things regarding Roxie and everybody else in this whole dilemma (this includes all the people she grew closer to after Scott left and she had that falling out with Roxie). It doesn't help that the previous argument where they almost stopped interacting for good is pretty fresh in her mind, so she's not totally confident it won't end that way again.

As for the Jennifer thing itself, it doesn't help that she hates Jennifer personally, for reasons both understandable and a little bit selfish that sort of feed off each other in a weird clusterfuck of resentment. Roxie's acceptance of Jennifer being a serial killer is the thing that continues to make Ramona the most uncomfortable, way more than the whole...league trying to kill her boyfriend. Mostly because of blame, because she sort of feels like she did hurt her exes to warrant some spite, but she knows Katou didn't deserve to get eaten. And Roxie even suggesting he did or defending Jennifer on this is the one line where Ramona won't abide crossing, because no. Dealbreaker. Although Katou not being here anymore makes it easier for her to bend and tolerate Roxie's continued friendship with Jennifer, along with no resurgence of her friends getting threatened.

Otherwise, the stuff such as her just not liking Jennifer's face, is something she would chalk up to stupid issues and avoid. But she's jealous and, again, is bolstered by some very good reasons not to even bother trying to feel differently. This plus the anticipation of Jennifer trying to get her banned (which is HER FAULT don't :| at me for something YOUR ASSHOLE FRIEND IS INSTIGATING) makes her want to do petty sniping back, but she knows it would just make things worse. So she's mostly trying to emotionally distance herself from everything, only deal with Roxie's feelings as it comes up, and desperately wish for Wallace Wells to show up so she can just have catty bitching sessions with him about it.

As for their talk about the whole thing? She does feel slightly empathetic for Jennifer in this one incident (which would quickly evaporate once being reintroduced to Jennifer herself), sort of the same way she can feel bad that Envy Adams was cheated on even as she loathes her completely. Mostly, she wants things to be okay with Roxie, although she really just wishes that it would end with Jennifer getting dumped in the Antarctic and Roxie getting over it and getting friends who aren't absolutely awful. The chances of that are slim so right now she's hoping Jennifer grows into whatever Roxie said was good about her and she can go back to pretending she doesn't exist.

And she was honest when she said she trusted Roxie just not...completely honest. She believes that Roxie won't try to betray her, but that doesn't mean she doesn't think she will be completely successful in mitigating a compromise between Jennifer's issues and hers. Especially at her expense. On the other hand, she knows the only way she's going to ever get Roxie's trust back is if she offers hers up. And if it fails and everything goes wrong, well, that's tit for tat. She probably deserves it somehow. Mostly she's keeping that fatalism to herself though, not even mentioning it to people who would be sympathetic because that would be admitting it.

Summation: the Jennifer thing makes her feel insecure in her relationship, makes her dislike herself more as a person because of all the negative feelings she brings up regarding her guilt and her utter loathing of Jennifer, and even though she is honestly trying to be supportive she's also closing herself off emotionally in preparation for defcon four. how does Roxie feel about the whole thing then? :|a
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AWFUL mostly because I fail at really getting her out and tagging the Korra cast for CR which is, let's face it, the only reason she's trying this again. So far she's decided to mitigate the failure at social niceties with things she's good at, like working more on hand-to-hand stuff to hide her firebending should it come up. I guess Ty Lee gets plenty of time for topping her in that respect. She's also being extra solitary because it's July and there are new people in the cabin and :| basically more intense than she's been in a long while but also not 100% okay because STUFF IS GOING ON WHAT IS GOING ON I AM GOING TO FIND OUT OR BURN THINGS and maybe she's more accepting of doing downtime things like meditating with Ty Lee in order to curb that. There really needs to be some mention of curbing that.

Sooooo...on a scale of one to ten how bad will Ty Lee react should canon events come out from the Korra cast?
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Until I get Joss'd by "The Search" I'm going to say that Azula finding out she lost is deep in Won't Take It Well territory of ten and beyond. Probably stuff like finale-esque broken forever because being Fire Lord is her reason to exist right now. It's all she has and she can't even fathom how she would lose, so she'd basically drive herself crazy trying to out maneuver the future and see nothing left to her because if I can't be the world's greatest Fire Lord what can I be, I'm worthless and a monster that nobody loves :(
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Dammit Azula I love you :|

Here's hoping that the post-canon comics... make things better... sob. This isn't going to work out well.
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I apologize in advance if she goes utterly crazy and tries to pick suicidal fights with any Avatars.

But good news! As long as she doesn't find out she went off the deep end because she was betrayed by her best friends she can...maybe cope. I still think she's so defined by her dad's ambition and...I can try to find more CR...that's high maintenance but, hey, you ever want an angsty thread it's guaranteed in supply.

This is why I support dumb antic threads for both relationships. AT LEAST RAMONA ISN'T CRAZY...
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Roxie and the three she threads with! REVERSE ME.
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Mostly she's preoccupied with the fact that her boss left! She's not devastated or anything, but she's still pretty unhappy with the whole situation. She was really bummed out when Lacey left, and this time there's the added pressure of having to deal with things like world devourers and random camp shenanigans on her own again. Wendy didn't go to her boss for a lot, but it was nice having him around in case of weird and dangerous stuff she couldn't deal with on her own. But now her security blanket is gone again and she's depressed and fidgety. The subconscious stuff also weirded her out, and all her friends are idiots (but that's... not new....). SO OVERALL she's not in a great place, and is probably obviously having issues focus on things and being more cynical than usual.

What's Roxie doing art wise these days?
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LITTLE BIT. She'll be delighted and make more of an effort to talk to Roxie, because Britta is the actual worst.
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I THINK WE COVERED EVERYTHING, just wanted to say hi
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(But really I have been stalking all the fallout threads and facepalming. Good show.)
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God, I swear, someone's gonna be maturing someone's stupid face by the time this all ends.

(I HAVE, TOO... ♥)